About Us

Supplies Plus Distributors Inc.

Supplies Plus Distributors Inc. offers a full range of packaging & shipping products along with comprehensive solutions to customers in every industry.

Our experienced, knowledgeable team is the backbone of our organization and they provide the support required for our customers growth. Our sales team are available by phone, email or in our retail location to advise you on products and solutions.

Supplies Plus Distributors has become known as a company dedicated to providing the highest standard of service to our customers.

Moving Supplies

We primarily supply moving supplies to local and long distance moving companies. Wholesales prices, customized boxes/labels, furniture pads and standard moving supplies.

Packing & Shipping

We supply all types of Packing and Shipping materials. These are used to pack, protect, ship and unpack your move.


Focus your time on your business, rather than preventing scratches, damages and dents during delivery. Leave your shipping issues to us!


We sell supplies at wholesale pricing. Whether it's various types of tape, floor runners, cushioning products, or handling equipment, we can help with your construction project.


We can help with the safety of your existing furniture during restoration periods, or provide additional supplies, such as boxes and specialty tape for mold and biohazard safety.

Moving Pads

Ensure your personal belongings arrive safely at their new destination by using moving pads/blankets for all of your moves. These blankets are a heavy and durable material, that can be stored and reused for future moves.